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Work with a passionate and prestigious group of BCBA-D's who run our firm. 

Full Spectrum ABA is Florida’s Premier Leader in Educational Applied Behavior Analysis, working with numerous schools and facilities across the state, providing ample hour availability in collaborative locales. We are run by BCBA-D’s with a heart for quality clinical care and professional development and have the structure and support to ensure any BCBA soars to their peak potential.

Monthly supervision and professional development meetings are run by our renowned BCBA-D’s, ensuring supervision for our techs and further learning opportunities for our analysts over dinner and wine. Work 40+ Hours working in schools, facilities, and early intervention settings; earn top-dollar while growing as an analyst.

Meet our BCBA-D's / PhD's:

Dr. Jeniffer.jpg

Dr. Jennifer Bellotti Streetman


Executive Vice President

Dr. Sara Mulholland.jpg

Dr. Sara Mulholland


Vice President of Expansion

Dr. Carrie.jpg

Dr. Carrie Freimuth

BCBA-D & Regional Director

Dr. Bryant 2.jpg

Dr. Terrence Bryant

BCBA-D, Bible Based ABA Director & BIPOCcupation Director

Dr. Phil.jpg

Dr. Philip Erb

BCBA-D & Regional Director

Dr. Indira Hightower.jpg
Dr. Susanne Ohihoin.jpg
Dr. Abdul.jpg

Dr. Indira Hightower

EdD, M.S. & BCBA-D

Dr. Susanne Ohihoin


Dr. Abdullah Alshehri


Dr. Eyleen.jpg

Dr. Eileen Lyons

BCAB & Licensed School Psychologist

Dr. Cimorelli.jpg

Dr. Danielle Cimorelli

Licensed Psychologist

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Come join Full Spectrum ABA’s  PGP Program 

Full Spectrum will assign you a Mentor  (one of our Clinical Directors or BCBA-Ds). They will show you everything you need to know and will guide you in developing top-quality FBAs and BASPs. They will teach you new assessments, work alongside you with clients, and help shepherd your growth in the field.  Our goals are to aid in the development of great analysts and build strong relationships, all while changing lives.

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Professionals Grooming Professionals 




RBT — $17.50/hr - $20/hr + Benefits for F/T staff
BCaBA — $31/hr - $35/hr  *
BCBA  — $55/hr - $60/hr *
BCBA-D  — $63 - $102.50/hr *

* Depending on experience and funding source.

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8001 Beaty Grove Dr., Tampa FL, 33626

Phone: 813-926-5454

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