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You won't find this much Behavior Analysis expertise in one place, outside of a university.

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6BCBADs ABA Therapy is a DBA (Doing Business As) of Full Spectrum ABA

Full Spectrum Behavior Analysis provides ABA therapy to children and young adults with autism spectrum disorder and related diagnoses. At Full Spectrum ABA, we seek to provide services to the full autism spectrum, serving children 1-21 with all support needs. Full Spectrum ABA has nine doctors in Applied Behavior Analysis, an unparalleled amount of expertise on staff, making Full Spectrum ABA one of the world's top locales for ABA.


Full Spectrum provides ABA Services within schools or facilities, or in a multitude of other settings: Clinical, Community-Based, or In-Home with Families. These Behavior Therapies are backed by science with BASP’s (Behavior Analyst Support Plans) engineered by our finest BCBA-D’s and BCBA’s. Our agency also offers Bilingual ABA (Bilingual Behavior Analysis) services and has eleven spoken languages across the company. Anyone that needs ABA behavior therapy is encouraged to call our corporate office for additional information or feel free to apply here.

Training top-tier analysts is a priority of the firm, and we offer a Professionals Grooming Professionals (PGP ABA) program to attract and develop superior talent in the field of ABA. We offer mentorship to RBT’s starting their journey of education and credentialing; this includes direct support from our BCBA-D’s and quality supervision with a contract to document the supervision earned by the RBT, as needed by the BACB (Behavior Analyst Certification Board). Our doctors shepherd RBT’s into becoming great analysts. Full Spectrum ABA has a broad range of clients that offer unique clinical and educational opportunities. RBT’s gain practical real-world knowledge while developing a clinical skill set under the tutelage of our experienced clinicians!


Full Spectrum ABA is ACE approved and offers free CEUs (Continuing Education Units), taught by our doctorate level BCBA’s. This will keep RBT’s on the forefront of any education or research materials released in our field. Full Spectrum also hosts the Full Spectrum Behavior Institute which was founded with the vision of creating ABA focused book publications, researching and publishing ABA interventions, and showcasing the top creative talent within the field of Applied Behavior Analysis.


All this to solidify our commitment to the providers that we work alongside. This dedication to our staff has allowed us to create a provider network capable of interventions for the most complex and challenging behaviors. If you are a credentialed provider or currently earning your RBT Certification and interested in applying, then please fill out this form. (Join Us! PGP Form)

Meet our PhD's

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Dr. Jeniffer.jpg

Dr. Jennifer Bellotti Streetman


Executive Vice-President

Dr. Sara Mulholland.jpg

Dr. Sara Mulholland


Vice President of Expansion 

Dr. Carrie.jpg

Dr. Carrie Freimuth

BCBA-D & Regional Director

Dr. Bryant 2.jpg

Dr. Terrence Bryant

BCBA-D, Bible Based ABA Director & BIPOCcupation Director

Dr. Phil.jpg

Dr. Philip Erb

BCBA-D & Regional Director

Dr. Indira Hightower.jpg

Dr. Indira Hightower


Dr. Susanne Ohihoin.jpg
Dr. Abdul.jpg

Dr. Susanne Ohihoin

Ph.D. & BCBA

Dr. Abdullah Alshehri

Ph.D. & BCBA

Dr. Cimorelli.jpg

Dr. Danielle Cimorelli


Dr. Eyleen.jpg

Dr. Eileen Lyons

BCBA & Licensed School Psychologist


8001 Beaty Grove Dr., Tampa FL, 33626

Phone: 813-926-5454

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